What is HeartMath?
You have a resource that is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week that will bring you all the intuitive insight, sound logic and balanced decision making you need.
What is “Heart Intelligence”
Using the tools and technology offered through HeartMath,your employees will not just reduce stress.
They will unleash their innate ability to actually change their physiological stress response.
It is that stress response and the diminished ability to think or act coherently that keep Human Resources professionals in business.
When employees understand the connection between thoughts, feelings and physiology, the results are dramatic.
Transforming stress into positive energy, learning how to shift perspective in any situation has a direct positive affect on cognitive performance.

When your employees are thinking better, they are performing better!

The system includes biofeedback technology and is so easy to use.

Our individual coaching is available on site and via teleconferencing.

HeartMath’s international successes tell it all! - - Read these examples of results!
Reduced Turnover:
The customer service department of a Fortune 50 high tech firm cut stress 50% and improved customer listening 33%.
Employee well‐being increased, job satisfaction was enhanced, turnover decreased and productivity increased.
  • Total estimate of savings ‐‐ $632,539
  • ROI More than 1200%
  • Cost Reduction and Productivity:
    A large plane manufacturer brought in HeartMath training to reduce costs and improve productivity on an essential production program. Pre and post HeartMath training assessments showed reductions in annoyance, exhaustion and sleeplessness, along with improvements in being clear‐headed, energetic, happy and calm. A Senior Manager wrote: “HeartMath gave our team the coherence we needed to come in:
  • under budget
  • on time
  • with productivity gains of up to 12%.
  • Retention in Healthcare:
    Hospitals have a difficult time retaining nurses due to the high stress inherent in their job. VHA estimates the average cost to rehire and train one staff person is between $40,000 and $60,000. Here are some examples of retention for major hospital clients that were served:
  • 100 nurses trained. First year turnover rate reduced from 24% to 13%
  • Cost savings based on 11 jobs saved =$550,000
  • First year retention savings = $800,000
  • Turnover for HeartMath-trained staff held at 6% over 5 years
  • Overall turnover went from 27% to 14 % since HeartMath